“An ethereal electronic fusion sound”

Rolling Stone India

“Powerful debut with ambitious goals and mesmerizing results”

INDYweek | Durham | North Carolina

“Anhad + Tanner has grabbed the relay baton to take the movement forward”

Mid-Day | Mumbai

“A unique fluidity that separates them from most North Carolina acts”

Clture | North Carolina

“They have pulled off an artistic coup”

Indulge | The New Indian Express

“Adding a dimension previously unknown”

The Indian Music Diaries

“An Electronic music wonder”

High On Score

“A mystical experience”

Radio City India

“Where two worlds meet”


“the release holds gold for every creed of listeners”


“Beyond genres and unassumingly mesmerizing”

“Another ornament in the electronic fusion mantle”

A Humming Heart

“Anhad + Tanner have set a global standard”

Global Music Space

Rolling Stone India (Instagram Take Over Campaign)

Humans Of Music (Instagram Take Over Campaign)

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